What makes ePerformax so different?


Providing world-class service to your customers is becoming more difficult every day. Technology is continuously changing; customers’ expectations are increasing; the complexity of service is rising, all of which can make excellent customer service challenging.

ePerformax makes providing world-class service effortless.

When expanding your customer service coverage, there are only a few options. Either creating a team internally or utilizing a business outsource provider. Building out a team internally can be costly, take too much time, and stretch your team thin. Utilizing an outsourcing partner is the best way to expand coverage but trusting an outside company with your customers' needs can be daunting. You need a company that can not only handle customer interactions, but actually understands the needs of your business. A company that is not going to promise a flawless implementation, but then leave you with the "B-team" startup. ePerformax understands how vital it is to keep your customers happy, so we not only stay loyal to your brand but ultimately promoters of your brand. We help you deliver world-class service by providing omnichannel support for your business.

Here's how we do it:

  1. We learn all about your organization. Your processes, culture, systems, customers, and even your branding!

  2. Our team goes to work building your dedicated team, systems, and structure to represent you well. We even create dedicated space with your branding!

  3. Your customers receive the support they need, and your brand becomes the hero!

For the last 30+ years, ePerformax has helped companies just like yours deliver world-class customer service and solve customers' needs. On average, most of our clients have been with us for 8 years!

Your customers deserve a better customer service experience, and you deserve to work with an outsourcing provider that you are actually excited to work with.

Give your customers the attention they need, increase your Net Promoter Score, and grow your business.