A unique company culture that values employees goes a long way.

A unique company culture that values employees goes a long way.

ePerformax is unique in many ways, especially in the training and culture we create for our employees. Instead of us telling you about it, hear from one of our long-standing clients.

“We have been partnering with ePerformax for over 12 years. They have a unique recruiting and training strategy and have been successful in finding quality people both in Manila and in the provincial areas to support our customers. They continually meet and exceeded our recruitment needs. 

What makes them stand out among competitors is their investment in training new hires for up to 12 weeks focusing on communication, customer service, and life/work skills. Most companies only spend up to three weeks. 

ePerformax leadership knows how to develop their people, so when we expanded with them to their Roxas City site, they trained teammates to handle our most complex calls from India and Australia in just six months. 

I would say that ePerformax has been a reliable ‘go to’ partner over the years because they invest in people and create an awesome work and team culture. This helps us service and please our customers one at a time. 

I strongly and without reservation, recommend ePerformax as a partner to meet your customers’ needs.” 

Does your customer service outsourcer have an employee culture that makes their team want to provide the best customer service possible, or do they take their frustrations out on your customers?  If you’re ready to give your customers the best service out there, give us a call today, and we’ll share how we’re helping companies like yours deliver customer service that increases brand loyalty.

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