Agile Management Delivers What Others Cannot

Agile Management Delivers What Others Cannot

This article highlights how embedded agile management principals helped us implement Work from Home (WFH) solutions for our clients.

“The ePerformax team made something happen in a week that has taken companies years to figure out.” 
– Director of Customer Experience Operations – Fortune 500 Wireless Client

At ePerformax, we are in the business of solving problems – whether it’s a customer support consultant listening to the needs of a customer to create tailor-fit resolutions or our leadership team crafting innovative solutions to provide resilience and flexibility for our clients.

Agile Management

Challenged with the uncertainty of the COVID-19 crisis in 2020, we put our problem-solving to the test. Our commitment to facing those challenges with agility and solutions helped make it possible for our employees and clients to survive and thrive. As leaders around the industry grappled with what to do, our executive leadership team stayed true to our corporate values which prioritized the safety of our employees and their families, while ensuring the continuity of our client's business operations.

Working around the clock with our clients, we were able to achieve 92% operational capacity by deploying work-from-home (WFH) solutions and having people work onsite while living in our facilities or in nearby hotel accommodations. Here’s how we did it. 

Agile principle #1: Value open communication about needs

Unlike the universal one-size fits all approach other centers use, our management team met with each client individually to understand their needs down to each line of business. We worked together to determine the right mix of WFH and on-site support they needed by channel. Then our team worked on optimizing a hybrid onsite and WFH solution for each of our clients that considered their preferred channels, security needs, and overall goals.  

In the end, we ensured that regardless of the setup we remained operational – and in some cases scaling our business to pick up slack created by other outsourcing partners.  

Agile principle #2: Embrace flexibility to think-act-review

Agile principal #2: Embrace flexibility to think-act-review

At ePerformax, we empower our leaders to constantly reflect on how we work and that relationship to our goals. Too often teams become stagnate to a set of routines or processes which no longer drive value on key objectives. By having regular reflection points along our WFH implementation plan, we were able to make real-time adjustments, such as targeted quality refreshers for teammates new to email/chat or temporary internet subsidies while agents worked to set up their home offices.

Through solid planning and flexibility, we were able to effectively scale a WFH model for our clients in just 14 days.  

Agile principle #3: Continuously focus on getting it right 

As we implemented our WFH framework, we learned a lot that helped us develop better processes for onboarding and supporting remote agents. We had regular reviews where we documented best practices, simplified processes, and codified technical information so we could keep getting better.  


No matter their size, no company or client ever wants to be caught in the COVID-19 emergency scramble again.  

ePerformax implemented customized WFH arrangements in 14 days for our clients, which kept us operational, while picking up underserved customers from across the enterprise.  

While we document best practices and incorporate these into our WFH Playbook, we hope you also take away three key themes for your own business:   

  • Agility – Agility is at the core of ePerformax. Being able to shift quickly to WFH allowed our clients to avoid business disruption and in some cases, even expanded coverage. 
  • Preparedness – The challenges of 2020 prove again how important it is to not only have a playbook for overcoming obstacles but the creativity to meet any challenge head-on. 
  • Flexibility – Work from home has now become a standard option we present to all of our clients. In specific scenarios, having a portion of our agents in a WFH environment gives flexibility with staffing and meeting volume requirements not available in the past.  

The only thing that is constant in today’s market is the unexpected. You deserve to work with an outsourcing partner that is agile enough to meet any obstacle head-on.  

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