Don't Trade Quality For Cost Savings

Don't Trade Quality For Cost Savings

Outsourcing has always been a strategic cost solution, but so often those savings disappear in the clouds of angry customers, language barriers, and volatile risk exposure. We’re here to tell you there is a better way. Choosing an experienced partner with the right processes makes all the difference, so you can reduce costs without sacrificing your business.

At ePerformax, our mission is to provide effortless world-class service to our customers. We constantly benchmark ourselves against not only our Philippine competitors but also near shore and domestic competitors.

A recent performance benchmark shows ePerformax is a global leader in NPS.

ePerformax Sets the Pace for Net Promoter Score (NPS)

Industry-leading customer support starts with best-in-class processes. In this article, we look at innovative solutions to profile new hires, the skills training necessary for world-class care, and how our proprietary Performance Maximization Model supercharges performance.

Solution #1: A proprietary method for assessing communication and critical thinking skills helps us identify agents with the highest performance potential.

Our research into the correlation between English-speaking agents in the Philippines and those with the highest customer satisfaction scores are agents who:

  • Understand the customer’s concern, whether the customer communicates clearly or not
  • Identify the customer’s needs, feelings, and how much effort the customer has put forth
  • Synthesize and prioritize information to present a complete, customized resolution

The challenge is developing a profiling method that identifies potential new hires with these higher-level skills needed on the job and aligned with high-performing agents.

Many outsourcing centers rely on standard industry tests (TOEIC, TOEFL, IELTS) to assess proficiency and fluency in speaking English in general situations (social, academic, professional).

Because Filipinos have a high level of fluency in speaking English, we found these tests often fail at the granular level to identify the best communicators with the critical thinking and comprehension skills needed to efficiently solve the needs of customers.

In order to identify new hires with the skills necessary to deliver the highest level of customer service, ePerformax developed a series of proprietary assessments to evaluate and profile candidates who can speak clearly and concisely, while thinking critically to solve customer problems. These assessments focus on the issues that create customer effort in voice, email, or chat contacts, so we’re able to weed out those who don’t have the potential to provide great customer experiences.

The ePerformax Global Communications Assessments use job-related contact handling prompts and are customized to target specific Filipino gaps that could result in communication barriers and lower satisfaction ratings among American customers.

These assessments measure how candidates and employees understand customer concerns, identify customer needs and feelings, and how effectively they respond in those situations.

Over time, as we develop a better understanding of your business, we calibrate our profiling tools to optimize the recruitment and training process. Based on the complexity of your contacts and the top contact drivers, we can identify the optimum score range on our assessments to profile candidates that have the potential to perform in your program.

The right agents for your customers mean happier customers.

 Equipping agents with highest levels of skills training

Solution #2: Equipping agents with the highest levels of skills training

As ePerformax expanded its operation over the past 20 years, it became clear that industry-standard methods of training agents were not keeping up with the increasingly complex needs of the customers and the changing customer service landscape.

To solve the lack of global communications and customer experience training, ePerformax has developed and perfected a training program that not only teaches English communication but creates positive customer experiences that drive loyalty and repeat business.

While traditional training teaches agents to identify keywords to quickly search a database for a solution, ePerformax approaches training holistically, starting with critical-thinking strategies that focus on the needs of the customer and the story of their concern as a whole, including their prior efforts and emotions that can impact loyalty. Instead of relying on traditional customer service training, ePerformax trains its agents to prioritize relevant information, uncover unspoken needs, and, draw conclusions to customize responses that make the experience effortless for the customer.

Our advanced training techniques focus on problem-solving, not just communicating and have led to remarkable results. This attention to the customer’s needs also allows ePerformax to implement improvements to the customer experience journey, leading to significant savings for our clients.

Solution #3: Our Performance Maximization Model super charges performance

Leading the industry in NPS scores is achieved through the use of our Performance Maximization Model. Utilizing this model drives continuous improvement and delivers the highest levels of performance for our clients.

The model is based on DMAIC Six Sigma principles, which provide a practical framework for defining, measuring, analyzing, and improving the performance of people and processes.

At the agent level, we connect performance improvement with the bonus potential of our employees, so as they adopt high-performance knowledge, skills, and behaviors, they are increasingly rewarded for their development. If they fail to maintain those improvements, they lose their performance bonus.

At the program level, the insights we learn using the Performance Maximization Model are fed back into product training and production huddles to ensure everyone benefits from best practices – which keeps us continuously improving as a team.


By identifying the right agents for your customers, equipping them with the skills they need to serve, and continuously looking for ways to maximize results, ePerformax is able to go above and beyond for your customers. This relentless approach is what has earned us the highest NPS scores in our industry.

If you are trading cost savings in return for issues that jeopardize your customers, it’s time to think differently about your outsourcing partner.

Our NPS score speaks for itself. ePerformax has the expertise and the processes that deliver effortless experiences to our clients and their customers. The results we have delivered for our clients prove the Philippines is the best choice for lowering costs while gaining a higher quality experience for your customers.

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