Outsourcing Case Study: Creating a Better Customer Experience Led to a $1,000,000 Annual Savings.

Outsourcing Case Study: Creating a Better Customer Experience Led to a $1,000,000 Annual Savings

Takeaways from one client’s success story.

ePerformax establishes Operational Excellence teams for its clients to improve the process, people, and technology effectiveness. One of the common challenges our clients have encountered is the adoption of self-service options by customers.

A Digital & Mobile Payments Solution Company client continued to receive high volumes of customers calling to solve basic needs that could have been resolved online. Simple issues like updating contact information, getting a financial statement, and many other basic functions were tying up the majority of live agents’ time. The Company had invested significant capital, effort, and marketing to develop online solutions to these problems, yet the end-user was still preferring to call customer service instead of utilizing the self-service tools.

Without a proper solution to these simple tasks, the Company would continue wasting money, while the customers experienced a frustrating service, ultimately damaging brand loyalty. 

The Operational Excellence team at ePerformax began to dig into the issues to understand the depth of the problem and identify the root cause of the slow customer adoption of self-service options. Here’s what they found:

  • 80% of one key customer call type could have been resolved by online, self-service features.
  • The self-service features that could resolve the call type were severely underutilized.
  • The majority of customers reported that they were unaware of the self-service features, while the remainder found the website to be too complicated to utilize the features.

A comprehensive evaluation of the client’s website, automated responses, explanations, and action steps demonstrated to the team that the self-service features were unclear and caused a lot of confusion for customers.

With this data, the team at ePerformax made several recommendations to improve the user experience including changes to the website that would provide a clear path for customers to follow during the self-service process.

The changes included:

  • A gear icon that showed a list of actions available to the user
  • Additional buttons and functionality to address the most common issues
  • Updating the web and email verbiage in order to more clearly communicate simple processes to the users

The Company implemented these changes and the results were staggering:

  • Reduced overall call volume by 630,000 annually
  • Reduced overall average handle time per call by 118 seconds
  • Saved $1,069,549 annually!
data for Creating a Better Customer Experience

The partnership between ePerformax and its clients is focused on more than just providing a great customer experience. We are also constantly looking for ways to improve effectiveness. We listen closely to customer pain points and expectations, and then we work with our clients to transform processes, technologies, and the skills of our agents to eliminate the pain points and meet the expectations. 

“We have been partnering with ePerformax for over 14 years. I would say that ePerformax has been a reliable “go-to” partner over the years because they invest in people and create an awesome work and team culture. This helps us service and please our customers one at a time. I strongly and without reservation, recommend ePerformax as a partner to meet your customer needs.” 

– Sr. Director

ePerformax speaks with millions of customers every year. Our team not only solves problems but also brings creative solutions to clients. Sometimes the smallest creative solutions can make a large difference in the customer experience and overall service effectiveness.

Does your provider understand your business needs? Do they make your life harder or easier? Are they proactive in addressing issues before they become significant problems?

You deserve to work with an outsourcing partner that makes your business needs a top priority. Let ePerformax show you how we partner with our clients, just like this one. Contact us today to talk with one of our team or see for yourself by scheduling a tour of our operations in the Philippines.

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