Outsourcing Case Study: Three Takeaways from a 7-Year Client Partnership

Outsourcing Case Study: Three Takeaways from a 7-Year Client Partnership


When Chinese online retail company DHgate approached ePerformax for customer support, they were facing a daunting task. The online retailer was in the middle of switching payment providers for their English website and had anticipated a massive spike in customer service issues. Switching providers is never easy, especially when that provider is a payment provider for an online store, the very lifeblood of your business.

ePerformax agreed to support DHgate through the transition and be prepared to handle the influx of customer calls about payment information updates. Within a very short time, ePerformax was able to put a team together, train them on the proper protocols and procedures from DHgate, as well as, integrate the systems. What would have taken much longer for DHgate to build on their own, we accomplished in less than a month.

When the announcement was sent out to DHgate’s customers about the payment provider change, something very odd happened. Actually, what was odd was what didn’t happen. The expected influx of calls didn’t happen. This led us to believe one of two things was happening. Either the customers were not paying attention to the announcement, or they were not able to utilize the 800 number that was provided.


The ePerformax team decided to take a proactive approach to the situation. Instead of sitting back and waiting for customers to call, we quickly moved from inbound-call support to outbound-call support. Contacting customers to inform them of the change and helping them update their payment options.

By actively supporting the customers through the transition, the ePerformax team was able to get ahead of any issues the customers may have faced, and instead made the transition effortless.


The results were incredible:

  • DHgate did not lose any customers in the English market
  • All customers were switched to other payment efforts
  • All pending purchases were fulfilled ahead of the pending deadline
  • Refunds were minimal


With the success of this transition and seeing the effects of reaching out to their customers, ePerformax became an even more valuable partner to DHgate.

Seven years later, and in addition to generating sales through support, the ePerformax team has provided research and insights for improving the customer experience through website improvements, improved marketing verbiage, and provided competitor insights. We’ve helped improve agent productivity and reduced customer effort. We have had significant contributions in growing DHgate’s presence on social media and increasing customer ratings on review sites.


  • CSAT has gone from 75-80% to an average of 95%
  • The resolution has increased from 60% to 95% and to 98% for VIP Customers


  1. By taking a proactive approach, we were not only able to get ahead of a potential problem but create a meaningful customer experience that only increased the value of the DHgate brand.
  2. Continually improving the customer experience raised customer satisfaction, increased sales, improved issue resolution, shortened processes, and made DHgate a trusted brand with its customers.
  3. By working with an outsourcing provider like ePerformax, DHgate has been able to effortlessly provide world-class service to its customers and focus on what they needed to do to grow the business.

DHgate was able to accomplish more than they ever thought possible by partnering with ePerformax. Because of this, they recently awarded us with the first “High-Quality Service Outsourcing Supplier” award at their yearly company banquet.


Over the past 3-4 years, China has been aggressively moving offline business online, and the biggest players launched English websites in 2018. By the end of 2019, these companies will need more than just chatbots and email to support their tremendous growth. When the time comes for English-speaking reps for live support, ePerformax is the proven partner for outsourcing.

With 7+ years of experience working with Chinese customers in their English markets, we have a deep understanding that buyers are not the same as those on Target or Amazon. These are C-E Resellers, and it’s a completely different culture. ePerformax is well-versed in government regulations, shipping methods and their limitations, business processes of major Chinese B2B e-commerce companies and so much more. Whereas other outsourcers might take 2-3 years to get the same experience and traction in the Chinese market, ePerformax has that today. We’re a cross-border trading business partner, not just a call center that provides customer support.

Does your provider understand your business needs? Do they make your life harder or easier?

You deserve to work with an outsourcing partner that makes your business needs a top priority. Let ePerformax show you how we partner with our clients, just like DHgate. Contact us today to talk with one of our team or see for yourself by scheduling a tour of our operations in the Philippines.

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