What to Look for in an Outsourcing Partner

What to Look for in an Outsourcing Partner

2020 was interesting, to say the least, for companies providing omnichannel support to their customers around the globe. The COVID-19 global pandemic drove companies and outsourcers alike to change their customer service approach, practically overnight, and quickly pivot to implement Work-at-Home (WAH) solutions in order to keep operations going.

As you look forward into 2021 and into the future of your customer service operations, we’ve taken out the guesswork by suggesting core competencies and characteristics look for in an outsourcing partner. With these in mind, you’ll be equipped to make the best choice for your business, team, and future.

Characteristics of Great Outsourcing Partners

Not all outsourcing partners are created equal. Some may look great on the outside but check under the hood, so to speak, and you’ll discover the flaws staring back at you. Here are the pivotal characteristics to look for.

Agile. Flexible. Innovative. This goes without saying during the unprecedented situation we’ve experienced. You want a partner who will move quickly when your business or the world requires it. Working around the clock with our clients, we were able to achieve 92% operational capacity by deploying WAH solutions during this unique crisis. Where the full array of alternative working arrangements could not be adapted, we were able to keep 63% of client operations onsite through a combination of onsite living arrangements and nearby hotels.

  1. Long-term relationships. We’ve listed this factor next because we think it’s one of the most important ones to evaluate. If an outsourcing company only has a client for a year or two, something could be wrong. ePerformax works with its clients for the long haul. Our clients have partnered with us for an average of nine years, and our longest-running partnership has been going strong for over 15 years. Some of our clients started with 25 – 50 people and have grown into hundreds of team members! We understand what your customers need, and we provide it. The result is the growth of your business.
  2. Likeability. This seems obvious, but you need to like the people you work with in an outsourcing situation. They are an extension of your business, so they need to reflect the tone, personality, and principles you strive to achieve as a company. Are they trustworthy? Do you dread conversations with their staff, or do you look forward to updates and collaborative meetings? If you don’t like an outsourcing company, chances are your customers won’t like them either.
  3. Customized offerings. Some outsourcing companies offer the same package of services to every client. That’s not a good option, because your company isn’t exactly like other companies or your competition. So why do so many outsourcing companies offer only one model of service? That’s a mystery to us. At ePerformax, we customize our services and our training to meet your unique needs. We can be as collaborative and specific as you’d like. We shape our services to fit your company’s needs, rather than just giving you a plug-and-play solution or doing things as we’ve done for other clients. We give you customized attention to your specific needs, which translates into personalized, exceptional care for your customers.
  4. Culture of performance. Your outsourcing partner needs to mesh well with your company’s culture because hey should be a virtual extension of your company and your customer service operations. Your customers should feel as if they’ve called you personally. ePerformax has a simple, highly focused mission statement that drives our culture. Our mission is to PERFORM with Passion, Empowerment, Resourcefulness, Flexibility, Optimism, Results-Orientation, and the Motivation to win for our clients, their customers, and all our employees. This means that everything we do for your company supports your culture, your mission, and your vision.
  5. Business insights. Most outsourcing companies give you analytics dashboards, but they leave you guessing how that data can impact your business. At ePerformax, we do things differently. Not only do we monitor our calls through voice and text speech analytics to provide feedback and enhance our training, but we also go the extra mile to pull out business insights from those conversations to help our clients improve their business. We use the latest technology to broaden the scope of our analytics and dive deeper to find creative strategies to improve customer loyalty and your company’s brand. We don’t just provide customer service. We provide insights – based on what your customers are saying – to improve your business.
  6. Executive-level support. At ePerformax our goal is not to be the biggest outsourcing company, but rather the best outsourcing partner for our clients. This means we’re a partner that focuses not only on being the best at customer service, but also one that gives you the attention and service you need as a client. You will also receive the personal and involved attention of our President and COO. They’ll be part of your regular reviews and strategy sessions.  On your program team, you will see the same names and faces over and over because you won’t get bounced around to different people. And that translates into a great partnership that enables you to be the leader in your industry.
  7. Networks and partnerships. You want to work with an outsourcing partner that can connect you with other companies that could benefit your business. For instance, you need to have strong partners in the technology consulting space. You want to bring the best minds in the business to utilize the best technology available in your sector. ePerformax partners with businesses whenever necessary to meet our clients’ wide range of needs. One of our partners, EPIC Connections, identifies and implements technology solutions in order to keep companies working at peak performance. Our strategic partnerships like EPIC allow ePerformax to equip our clients with the tools they need to grow their businesses.

Not every outsourcing company will meet your unique needs, so be careful about your choice because it could impact your bottom line. ePerformax is uniquely positioned in the marketplace to provide you with the best support for your business and your customers while allowing you to maintain control of your business and your culture.

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